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15-11-2002, 12:50 AM
Over the months of September to November, 2001, Dr Jan Tynovsky has been working with Callan Services for Disabled Persons performing essential eye surgery on people from remote areas of Papua New Guinea. This has been made possible through the sponsorship of Christian Blind Mission International.
Dr Jan, a citizen of the Czech Republic, has been to PNG previously, providing this wonderful service. He has also offered his skills to other developing nations.

Seven hours per day is the norm for Dr. Jan seen here operating on a patient :

15-11-2002, 12:51 AM
During this stay in PNG, Dr Jan has performed eye surgery in Goroka, Wewak, and Vanimo. In Wewak he performed 260 surgeries and in Vanimo 50, most of which were for cataracts. Incidents of cataracts in PNG is well above the international average. This seems to be mainly due to the climatic conditions, and poor nutrition and eye health.
Dr Jan's day would begin at 8.00 and often continue to 7.00 that night. First was to check on patients from the previous day, then perform a final screen on the new patients for that day, and finally in the operating theatre from 10.00 am onwards.

An average of more than twenty patients were being operated on each day, six days a week: Dr Jan displayed an incredible level of skill, stamina, and generosity. The rewards of his labours very evident: giving sight to the blind.

Dr Jan with assistant Damian Singut one of seven working in the Wewak hospital.

15-11-2002, 12:52 AM
Of course with each surgery is a wonderful and magical story of new sight. A man of the Wasengla district who had been cataract-blind for years and had been forced to crawl around his village on all fours. Now he walks upright and with pride, seeing the faces of people who had previously been just voices.

The six year old girl in Wewak who had cataracts in both eyes since birth. After her surgery she saw her parents for the first time. And the old married couple of the Wewak district who both had cataracts for more than ten years.

After their cataracts were removed they saw each other for the first time in all those years, cried with joy, and danced in each otherís arms. There were many people from the Maprick area who had cataracts in both eyes.

Those cataracts have now been removed. And finally in Wewak there was a twenty-two year old man, married and with a newly born child, who had had double vision and a squint since childhood. He had to wear a patch over his right eye to prevent the double vision affecting his mobility. Dr Jan operated on both conditions, and now this young man, after nearly twenty years of sight impairment, has good healthy vision.

Dr. Jan seen here examining a patient :

15-11-2002, 12:54 AM
Of course, as Dr Jan said many times, it was very much a team effort. There was the original screening performed in villages by Callan staff; then the organising of bringing Dr Jan and his team to Wewak and Vanimo and providing for his surgery; the hospital executives and staff both in the wards and in the operating theatres; and finally the Callan staff who also helped with the processing of patients in the hospitals. We thank Dr Martyn Pannekoek (VSO) from Vanimo whose energy enabled Dr Jan to visit Vanimo for a week to perform surgery there. Mention should also be made of Garamut Enterprises of Wewak who provided food for the eye patients in the Wewak hospital. It is very encouraging when local companies get involved in this type of service.

Dr Jan will be returning to Goroka in March of next year to begin another three months of life-altering ministry to our people. Callan Services can be contacted for further information (Callan Services for Disabled Persons, P.O. Box 542, Wewak, E.S.P. 531, Papua New Guinea ? phone 856.1081, fax 856.2924, email calserwk@global.net.pg. A website will be launched around January.)

Thank you to CBMI, Dr Jan, and the many other team members, who have contributed towards making such a dramatic improvement to the quality of the lives of hundreds of people.

15-11-2002, 12:55 AM
Callan Services is an agency set up by the Christian Brothers to promote services to Papua New Guinean people with special needs so that they are given the opportunity to live life to the full. :) :smash:

Thank you Dr. Jan Tynovsky from the people of Papua New Guinea.

15-11-2002, 12:58 AM
CallanServices is a non-government, national organisation, founded in 1990, which strives to bring a better standard of life to people in Papua New Guinea who have a disability. This is done primarily through training and clinics.

For further information, contact :

Callan Services for Disabled Persons,
P.O. Box 542,
Papua New Guinea

Telephone : +856 1081
Fax: +675 856 2924

Email: calserwk@global.net.pg

A website has recently been launched: