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16-09-2002, 07:19 AM
Dear Sirs.

We are International Barter, Counter-trade and Offset Specialists and we offer the following service.

Barter/Counter trade Counter purchase
An offset Buy-back
Offset-trade Compensation
Buyback Co-operative Venture
Swap Bilateral Clearing
Switch Trading Evidence Accounts
Blocked Currencies

International Barter, Counter-trade and Offset activity accounts for anything from 8% to 30% of global trade. This variation in estimates is due to the difficulty in defining what trade is, and therefore in measuring the extent of its practices.

Our company specializes and provides a solution on most particulars aspect of trade. A government's, states, corporations and small firmís use this type of trade as a technique to promote exports and increase investment.

We are ready with our service, whenever you will be offered a Barter / Counter trade possibility. Let us give you a free evaluation before you say no to your potential buyer/client.

Remember! This industry has a turnover about 30% of global trade and there are place for everyone.

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