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21-08-2006, 12:11 PM
Hi Everyone,

I'm Nardja Stephenson, I went to Goroka International Primary from Prep-Grade 4. (1978-1982) (still working on photos). Does anyone remember me??
Teachers I had were Ms Deandra (grade 4), Mrs Woodwood (grade 1 or prep?), Ms Kiszangeous (Ms K) for music...excuse the spelling, Mrs Fredrick, Mrs Spark.

I recently made contact with my bestfriend from Goroka International Primary School (GIPS), Joanna, I was over the moon with excitment. It took many a year, word of mouth and persistence however it would've been alot easier if I'd know about this forum earlier! :)
I was stoked to see such an interest in finding old & new friends from Goroka International that I registered. Goroka holds many fantastic memories, experiences for me not to mention the friendships.
Building a network of contacts old & new would be awesome and would definately help reunite us all together "face to face" in the near furture. I've heard there's a reunion soon to be Brisbane in Sep 2007...I'll be there with bells on!! (refer "GIPSreunite"").
Look forward to building a fantastic huge network of Goroka friends!

Remember the end of year concerts we use to put on? I have a video of the concert the school did in 1982 at the Raun Raun Theatre. Ms Deandras class did the "school children stowed away in space".