View Full Version : Madang Hunters gear up for croc season

04-05-2005, 01:36 PM
THE CROCODILE skin in Papua New Guinea is worth a lot. It is reported that the Crocodile industry alones earns PNG between three to five million kina through crocodile skin export.

The crocodile skin has also become an important source of income for people in the lowland areas of PNG, particularly the swampy and river areas where there are no other means of earning income.

In the Lower and Middle Ramu including other wetland areas of Madang province crocodile hunters are getting excited over the fact that they have revive crocodile skin trading in the area and are preparing to hunt down the reptiles for its valuable skin.

PNG Fair Trade, a Port Moresby based company, had its officers visit the area early this month on a fact finding mission to conduct awareness campaign to revive the industry.

Local hunters gave up hunting for fresh water and salt water crocodiles for skins over 11 year ago because there were no crocodile skin buyers going into the area.

PNG Fair Trade, a company involves in crocodile skin buying and exporting.
The officers distributed skin buying price lists, established crocodile skin buying depots and agents through out the Ramu River Region.

Local hunters in the area were impressed of the visit and assured to the officers to hunt and stock crocodile skins for selling during the coming dry season from May to September.
Village based crocodile farming was also encouraged during the awareness.

As part of the awareness to promote the industry, radio programs were aired over Radio Madang..

In 2003, PNG’s crocodile industry was threatened by an international action, which almost resulted in ban on wild PNG crocodile skins.

The Convention on International Trade In Endangered Species (CITES) and its affiliates threatened a ban if PNG failed to produce a survey on wild crocodile population by the end of March 2003.