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PNGBD.COM Banner Program

The banner program allows advertisers to show banners on pngbd.com pages.

Up to five keywords can be specified for each banner to help showing the banners on targeted areas of our site. Additionally, up to three banners are allowed for each purchase.

Detailed reports are sent to a designated email address of choice every week to keep track of the impressions.

In order to join the banner program, a banner of appropriate size should be submitted along with the URL of the banner target as well as up to 5 key words to be associated with the banner. A banner can also be designed by pngbd.com for an additional fee of K500

Pricing for 468x60 pixels banners
Impressions CPM Total Price
Unlimmited Unlimmited K4000.00 per anum

Banner Size
468x60 pixels:
Sample banner size for 468x60 pixels

The following formats are acceptable:
  • GIF - allows transparent and/or animated banners
  • JPG - ideal for photos or complex shades and gradations
  • PNG - ideal for general purpose format, sometimes can be a bit big in file-size
  • SWF - Flash multimedia format - ideal for high quality, high impact animated and interactive banners

File Size Limit:
• For 468x60 banners: 18KB maximum file size
Please optimize your graphics to meet this requirement.

Please contact us for more information.

Duplication of this page or any material and/or graphics on this page is strictly prohibited.

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