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The land of adventure.

Arguably one of the most spectacularly beautiful countries on earth, Papua New Guinea is situated to the near north of Australia and comprises the eastern half of the world’s largest island. Within is geographical boundaries lay several hundred offshore islands large and small, some with unique flora, fauna and many diverse primitive village cultures. Separated from The Indonesian state of West Papua, along the 141st meridian this young nation stretches into the Pacific Ocean and is bordered by the Coral Sea in the South and Micronesia to the North. Contained entirely within the hot tropics and surrounded by oceans, heavy rainfall and high temperatures throughout the year have combined to create one of the largest rainforest areas outside of the Amazon. Geologically it is relatively young and is undergoing continuous change as the earths movement and the many active volcanos sculpt the terrain with powerful tremors, ash and lava all along an east west, line of instability forming part of the “ring of fire” that reaches from Asia right across the Pacific Ocean.

The biological diversity of the flora and fauna that is encountered as one travels from the coastal regions across lowland flood plains of swamp, open grass and into the forested slopes and mountains offer visitors a seemingly unending variety of scenery. All the recognised species of “Birds of Paradise” are represented here and over ….other species of birdlife combined with the unique marsupial, mammal, insect and marine life combine to make PNG a very special place in the world of nature. With over seven hundred distinct languages spoken throughout the nation the human cultural aspects are without parallel in anthropological terms. From the earliest contact with the western world during the second half of the 19th Century many hundreds of studies have produced a diverse range literature on the people of this land as they journeyed through time from their primitive beginnings to the present day where the nation now takes it’s place in the 21st Century as a member of the world community.

With so much diversity of culture, scenery, flora and fauna it is little wonder that PNG offers the world so much as a travel destination. Tropical Beachside Hotels, cultural performances, spectacular scenery, Mountain Treks, Fishing, unequalled Scuba Diving, Bird Watching, World War 2 Historical sites and relics such as boats and aircraft (Balus), including the infamous Kokoda Trail where local tour companies provide guides for the adventurous trekker. From the bottom of it’s oceans to the highest mountain peaks it is all here. Although it is resource rich in terms of Gold, Copper, Oil, Gas and Timber, PNG is still a developing country and the majority of it’s population are subsistence farmers of one kind or another but their shyness, generosity, humour, and good nature leaves most visitors with glowing tales of their stay in this wonderful place with it’s warm and friendly people and rich cultures. Kina is the local currency used in PNG and anyone travelling to the country should obtain some kina prior to travelling to PNG to be on the safe side. Eco-tourism or Eco-travel is a growing industry in PNG, with a number of tour operators operating this exciting form of travel to the adventurous traveller. We hope that this site which include information regarding travel, tourism, employment, surfing, taxes, Airlines Of PNG, Air Niugini, mining, forum along with thousands of pictures of PNG is of benefit to you when taking a vacation or holiday to PNG.


Bush Telegraph

Stan and Butch Bisset plaque replaced at Isurava, Kokoda Trail

PNG Well done to the Kokoda Memorial Foundation as a new plaque in honour of Stan and Butch Bisset has now been replaced at Isurava last month. The original plaque was recast in 2014 and will now hopefully stand the test of time. Lest We Forget

Stan Bisset - 1912 to 2010
Butch Bisset - 1910 to 1942

Click here to continued reading this article:

PNG news posted on: Monday, 3 November 2014 - Comments: 0 - Add your comment

Wrangler Renegade 4 X 4 Jeep For Sale Gold Coast Australia

PNG Wrangler Renegade 4 x 4 Jeep: Details:
  • Model - Wrangler
  • Body Type - Coupe (2 door)
  • Year - 1997
  • Kilometres - 115,335
  • Transmission - Manual
  • Drive - 4x4
  • Fuel Type - Petrol - Unleaded
  • Colour - Dark Green
  • Air Conditioning - No
  • Registered to 23/05/2015
Comes with Hard Top & Soft top (with frame to fit to vehicle). Has a Bikini top and has a lift kit on it. Also has a Sound Bar. A few sun spots on the bonnet but apart from that in excellent condition. Interested, please email:

PNG news posted on: Wednesday, 29 October 2014 - Comments: 1 - Add your comment

PNG Jobs Android App

PNG have just released an android app where Papua New Guinea companies can list their job vacancies, and sob seekers can upload their resumes for employers to view.

Please download it today and spread the word amongst your Wantoks.

PNG news posted on: Tuesday, 26 November 9354 - Comments: 0 - Add your comment Android Mobile App

PNG PNGBD,com has just released our own Android App on Google Play.

PNG news posted on: Wednesday, 15 January 2014 - Comments: 0 - Add your comment

Ramsy Idau enters the North Face 100km Race 18th May 2013

PNG We wish to announce that the winner of the PNG Kokoda Challenge Race for 2012, Ramsy Idau is going to line up with over 1000 runners to compete in the North Face 100km race in the Blue Mountains of Sydney on the 18th May 2013 commencing at 6:50am. It is the first time that anyone from PNG has entered the race and the race organisers have embraced and helped this young man to make it happen. The North Face 100km is fast becoming one of the most respected long distance adventure races in Australia and last year the race was won by Ryan Sandes from South Africa so is attracting many international runners. Goodluck Ramsy

PNG news posted on: Friday, 17 May 2013 - Comments: 0 - Add your comment

Australia announces new electronic visa for Papua New Guinea

PNG Australia is to introduce a special electronic visa arrangement with Papua New Guinea which will improve the ease of travel between the two countries, particularly for frequent travellers.‘While Australia maintains a universal visa regime through which we manage the entry and stay of all visitors from around the world, I believe there is an important opportunity to consider practical and meaningful ways to further enhance the visa and travel arrangements for visitors from Papua New Guinea within this universal regime,’ said Immigration and Citizenship minister Chris Bowen. Papua New Guinea minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigration, Rimbink Pato, welcomed the move. ‘The announcement of the introduction of an electronic visa arrangement for Papua New Guinea travellers is timely and addresses our long standing request for more facilitative travel arrangements, including visa on arrival,’ he said. Both ministers agreed to the establishment of a joint traveller facilitation taskforce comprising officials from the Australia’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship and the Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority. The joint traveller facilitation taskforce is expected to identify legal and administrative requirements that would lead to the introduction of an electronic visa arrangement in the first half of 2013. ‘With about 80% of all visa applications from Papua New Guinea falling into the tourism and business activity categories, it is sensible to focus our attention on these travellers,’ Bowen said.

CLICK HERE to continue reading:

PNG news posted on: Thursday, 8 November 2012 - Comments: 0 - Add your comment

Kokoda Track Foundation - Keeping the Spirit Alive

PNG Their Achievements in Education
• Supported over 1,000 students on Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel Scholarships, enabling them to access an education they otherwise would not have. Students are supported throughout their primary and secondary schooling and onto tertiary studies or further training of their choice. Enrollment rates in the region have doubled and even tripled in some areas;
• Supported 40 elementary, primary and high schools with educational resources, curriculum materials, teacher resources, and stationery every year over the past decade;
• Delivered 80 classrooms of school furniture to 23 elementary and primary schools along and around the Track;
• Built a number of new classrooms and conducted maintenance on run‐down buildings across the region;
• Developed an innovative and state-of-the-art elementary teacher training program for the Oro and Central Provinces;
• Trained over 60 new elementary and primary teachers for the region;
• Supported 25 elementary and primary teacher salaries enabling 25 schools to remain open along and around the Track and
supported them with professional development, mentoring and upskilling their qualifications;
• Developed and implemented the Archer Leadership Scholarships and the Bisset Medal that seek to find and foster the next
generation of PNG leaders;
• Supported teacher volunteers to undertake placements in the Kokoda Track schools providing professional development,
training, mentoring and support for many struggling schools.
To find out more....Click HERE:

PNG news posted on: Friday, 21 September 2012 - Comments: 0 - Add your comment

Snake-wrestling on the Kokoda Trail

PNG Snake-wrestling on the Kokoda Trail - “When I set my mind to doing something, I do it,” says Andrew Turner.

Considering he recently pulled a 16-foot python out of the Papua New Guinean underbrush with his bare hands, it would be foolish to doubt his commitment. Andrew, a volunteer with Victoria State Emergency Service’s (SES) Malvern Unit, took on the Kokoda Challenge last month. The event sends competitors on a gruelling, 96-kilometre race along the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea. This unforgiving stretch of earth is famous as the site of intense fighting between Australia and Japanese forces during World War II.

CLICK HERE to continue reading this article:

PNG news posted on: Monday, 17 September 2012 - Comments: 0 - Add your comment

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